Friday, June 13, 2008

So there's so much that has happened, but not enough time to get online and actually write about them.... or maybe it was that I didn't make any time to get on and write about it. In any case, I haven't written in over a month. I turned 23, put my chihuaha Harvey to be put to sleep ON my birthday (lovely welcome into adulthood), drove to Ft. Worth to see Paige marry wonderful Jason, visited Baylor (and bought my future niece the cutest BU cheerleading outfit ever), went to Faith's 4th birthday party (my Belle barbie doll was a huge success), officially cleaned out everything in my room from my childhood, and started another summer of Prude Ranch Summer Camp.
It's been a lot of fun so far. I forgot how much I really love Texas things-- BIG diesel trucks, cowboy hats, boots, camping out, hobo packs, spurs, horses, rodeos! Counselor orientation went very well and our group is really close. We have a really cool animal life habitat by the arena now that houses two calfs, pokie the adult duck, 9 ducklings (I named the black one Beauregard), 2 piglets, 2 donkies and 1 baby, and a 2 week old goat. We rode a lot and I forgot how much I enjoyed that too. I still really miss my wonderful Floridians, but I have begun to realize that I make my home wherever I am. I think that's why I could see myself living anywhere. I'm excited to see all of the places I will go!
So my sister-in-law is due in August, my brother was not set to get back from Iraq until October... but now it looks like he'll be coming home late August! He will probably miss his daughter's birth, but he will get to meet her much sooner than first anticipated, which makes me soooo excited for them. And he got promoted to Captain a couple of weeks ago and I'm very excited for them as they start this new adventure in life. I also believe that I be pretty much the best auntie ever so that's all exciting.
Well first session is almost over and I have a very busy day tomorrow, but I did want to catch all of you up with a little bit of what has been going on. I hope that everyone is having as fun a summer as I am!