Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Trails

Well the time is coming for me to begin planning to leave Florida... and I am so disheartened about it. I never thought I'd say that I'm not ready to leave Ormond Beach! I'm certainly ready to be living with people my age again, but there are so many things that I have grown to love about this place.

God is so awesome. When I got here, the only things I earnestly asked for here were 1) a church to become a part of and to grow spiritually in and 2) true and good friends. And God gave me the absolute best of both. Tomoka Christian is such a wonderful church. I never cease to be amazed that everywhere I go, He provides THE church for me immediately. I never have to shop around, it's right there! I feel that Tomoka is in line with where God wants his people. And friends... God truly blessed me in that department. And these people were the first friends that I made "post-school" which is a truly terrifying ordeal and I genuinely love them. I could really BE here.

I feel like I'm in such a hard place right now. I plan to leave a place that I love and go to a place that I kinda' hate in order to pursue something that for many reasons, I shouldn't even attempt. It's so exciting to watch where God is directing your life, but sometimes it's quite hard to take that leap of faith. I've been praying for Him to impose His will on my life, and as of yet, He hasn't changed my mind about California. I'm kind of scared that if I was given the tiniest reason to stay here though, I would.

Oh, and as I did when I was in London, I'm at the two-months-prior-to-departure point where I get a bit weepy everytime I'm at church. It usually only lasts for a moment, but something will happen in worship, communion, prayer, or the sermon that reminds me of something here, and I just start crying. It's pretty ridiculous I know. But in London, I HAD to leave or I would have become an illegal immigrant. Not the case here. I'm actually choosing to leave

So this is completely unrelated, but everytime I see it on my friend's facebook I laugh. And I hate to end my posts without something light hearted so:


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Molly Kate said...

hang in there Jenna! I know that God will remain faithful as always and He's about to do something INCREDIBLE!!!! love ya!