Saturday, October 20, 2007

Marriage and Being Underaged

I had an epiphany while watching Friends the other day. I realized how you can be so bothered about not being married while at the same time knowing fully well that it's not the right time and you really don't want to be married right now. Before you go to college, you have your family-mom, dad, brother, sister, animals, etc. They are YOUR family and your central focus. Then you go to college, you're away from them and you are beginning to live on your own. You finish college and become even more independent. They are still your family, but not in the same way. Now, you are independent and eager to start your own life and your own family. Being a young, single adult is such an adventure in so many ways and you don't have to consider how your life-changing decision is going to affect your spouse. But in a way, you feel like you don't have a family, or you are in between families if you will. Friends is in no way a model for living a fulfilled life, but it shows how friends can be your family. But even that is hard when you're not in one place for very long. I love where God has me right now and I know that He has so many incredile things planned for my life, but being in that in-between stage of life can be difficult. That's why ya' gotta have friends!

Sooooooo anyway, I went to church tonight and it was great as always, but my aunt's in LA and my grandmother didn't feel well enough to get out so I went alone. I stopped by Walmart on the way home to get some milk for grandmother and a few other things for my "World Travels" scrapbook, including rubber cement. I went to check out and the lady scanned the rubber cement and then the screen asked if the customer was over 18 and the she actually stared at me. I asked her if she wanted to see my I.D. and she said yes. I didn't mind being carded, because I understand that as long as that's happening, it's a good thing, but when I dug through my purse, I realized I didn't have it. I must have left it in my gym bag this morning so I told her that I didn't have it, but that I was 22. Then she glared at me and goes "When's your birthday?" "5-12-85".... She stared at me (rather rudely I felt) then scanned the rubber cement. "Don't you need your I.D. to drive?" Well there's a rule I didn't know had been put into place. I was like, lady what kind of 16 year old junkie goes to Walmart dressed in church clothes and buys milk, lettuce, persimmons, avacados, ribbons, and RUBBER CEMENT to sniff after she eats her salad? I hope I don't look like an underaged junkie when I go to church...


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The Roberts' said...

yes, people are ridiculous sometimes. you dont look 16 to me!