Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Travel Bug is a Powerful Bug

I feel like I have nothing to say today... Not much has really gone on this week. My Aunt went to LA with my mother for an Herbalife meeting and came back with some little presents from my mom-- Magnolia Blossom perfume from Bath & Bodyworks, some freebie cards, night cream--girlie stuff basically. Herbalife has also come out with a new shake flavor, cafe latte, which tastes delicious so I'm excited to have a new flavor to add to my breakfast choices!

I feel like I'm getting the travel bug again. My mom brought it up first so it's really her fault. Then I was looking at my "Where I've Been" Map on facebook and felt that it was lacking. There are a lot of places that I still have to visit. So I'm thinking about starting in London (because I will never go across the ocean without stopping in my city) then maybe heading to Germany and taking a train to Poland and then through to Russia to Moscow and then St. Petersburg.

I also have to figure out about flying to LA sometime to check out apartments and Ashley said she was going home to Santa Clarita for Baylor's spring break and that I could go with her and she could help. BUT, Megan and Kyle's spring breaks from Dental School and Physical Therapy school happen to fall on the same dates and I really want them to both come up to visit.... What a conundrum.

I better start saving...


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