Friday, April 4, 2008

Ball Games and Chicken Nuggets

We had a double header tonight in Church League Softball and I had SO MUCH FUN. I played last week too, and was really nervous. When we were warming up, I overthrew to Leah and nailed this little boy right in his elbow (NOT a good start). Rob (the coach) asked me what position I wanted to play and I told him that I didn't care. Then he said, "Look, I'm not your boyfriend, we're not on a date, I'm not asking you where you want to go for dinner or what movie you want to see, WHAT POSITION DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" I'm not afflicted with false modesty okay, when I say I don't care, I really don't. So I told him that I played 3rd base and left field when I was in high school to which he said no to because that's where most of the balls are gonna go.... SO I didn't even get the position that I suggested and now I was more nervous!!! Then my first up to bat, I pulled a muscle. Not only did it hurt, but the team of men gave me a hard time about it. But my last hit was AWESOME, which was definitely a confidence booster. SO tonight, I wasn't nearly as nervous and I could just focus on having fun, which I did. I love softball and the fact that we got to play two games was even better. We won the first and lost the second. The second team we played was really good... and they showed a little better sportsmanship than we did, only a little, but I really enjoyed playing them and it was a close game.

After the long night of softball, I was hungry, so I headed to Chick-fil-a in GREAT anticipation of a delicious dinner. I went through the drive through and pulled up to the window and the guy looked really confused and he says, "number 5 with sweet tea and a small icedream in a cup?" and I was like, "....yeah." and he goes, "woah, that's the exact same order as the last 3 cars and I was like am I crazy?" and I was like, "wow." Then he told me that I would have to wait on the chicken nuggets (obviously with the mass order of nuggets and the fact that it was 20 minutes till closing, they were running low) which I didn't mind because that only meant I got fresh nuggets. So I'm sitting there and I can see in my rearview mirror that the woman and her son behind me are getting impatient... really impatient... impatient enough for her son to get out of the car to help her back up enough to go around me and DRIVE AWAY. How ridiculous! It certainly wasn't that long of a wait and WHERE on earth are you in a hurry to be going at 9:45pm?! I got my bag right before they pulled away so I moved forward and I could tell that she was YELLING AT THE Chick-fil-a guy! If I had of known how it was gonna go down, I would have paid for their meal, pulled forward, then gotten out of my car and nicely told them that they should really practice a little patience with people who are SERVING them. It's not some great conspiracy to make you wait a little bit for your food. It really hacks me off when people treat others that way... maybe it means I should look at myself and practice more patience with people around me, hmmmm.

Alirght, I'm gonna be in bed BEFORE 11 tonight... I have 11 minutes! Good night all and loads of love!

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Molly Kate said...

That makes me mad too!!! But I love your kind heart and what you would have done had you have known. Have a FANTASTIC week!